remindtrac App

The key to patient engagement.

Smart, Simple, Self-Motivating

The remindtracTM app is an interactive & easy-to-use iOS, Android application designed to engage the patient.

In combination with our proprietary hardware or as a standalone mobile application, the remindtracTM app becomes a permanent companion to patients and an indispensable reminder as well as a tracking tool for caregivers and providers.

  • Medication Images & Information
  • Personal Health Reporting
  • Automatic Syncing
  • Adherence Scoring and Tracking

Empower Your Patients

remindtracTM empowers patients to take charge of their medication adherence and care management. The app interface is intuitive, comprehensive and engaging. This sense of empowerment evokes a positive response in the patient, which initiates future adherence to medication schedules and lessens potential for adverse events associated with missing medication doses.

Planning Made Easier

We’ve packed a wealth of useful information into the remindtracTM app. Patients can review images and information about their medications, record their medication activity, and track their adherence.

Your patients are also better equipped to steer clear of contraindications by having the list of side effects and medication instructions handy for review at any time.

More Than Just a Checkbox

The remindtracTM app logs more than just “I took my pill.” Patients can record side effects in their personal diary for discussions with their healthcare provider.

On the tracking side, remindtrac’s threshold-based approach keeps caregivers and administrators in the loop without overwhelming them with continuous data streaming from the app. Smart notifications keep the lines of communication open with the doctors and health organizations who want to see their patients stay healthy.

remindtrac Portal

The other key to patient engagement.

Built for better outcomes

The cloud-based remindtracTM portal is a powerful tool for caregivers to helping their patients to quantify and achieve crucial disease management goals.

Accessible from anywhere via computer or tablet, this interactive software lets providers manage medication adherence tracking, administer and score screenings and assessments, and generate robust reports. Through this portal, payors and health care providers have access to a wealth of information they can use to help formulate their decisions and treatment plans.

  • Life Quality Impact
  • Utilization Impact
  • Improved Connection with PCP
  • Medication Adherence
  • Coding & Claims Adherence

remindtracTM identifies trends over time, tracking a patient’s progress and outcomes. It gives healthcare providers the insight they need to educate and motivate patients to become active partners in adhering to their medication plans.

Patient assessment

Our extensive library of assessments, screening tools and questionnaires is a dynamic and constantly growing resource, compiled with input from industry experts and healthcare professionals. A wide variety of factors can be easily assessed, addressed and improved with our HIPAA-compliant platform.

  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Substance Abuse Screenings
  • ADHD Assessments
  • Overall Health Evaluations
  • Custom Screening Tools

Caregivers assign assessments from within the remindtracTM portal. Patients can then log on securely from anywhere to complete their assessments from their mobile device. Results can be integrated into a compatible EMR or health information system for direct patient historical chart reporting, enhanced ability to provide measurable outcomes, and care coordination between supporting caregivers.

It’s been said that you can only improve what you measure.  remindtracTM gives you measuring abilities like you’ve never had before.

Tools for Administrators

The Administrator’s Portal provides the mechanism to track, trend and compare specific measures by provider type, group or populations and establish goals by which incentive programs may be measured.

Determining the success of the participating providers within the organization in managing their patient populations in real time is a specific unique feature, which allows for Administrative intervention prior to a potentially negative event.

Tools for Coordinators

remindtracTM Care Coordinator’s Portal is the provider powerhouse of the platform. Within this portal, medical providers, care coordinators, home and community based providers are all able to track medication adherence, schedule assessments/screeners and monitor clinical status by patient. By using several unique features within this product, providers are able to make real time decisions regarding patient care between and during visits.

The remindtracTM Care Coordinators Portal is very flexible. It can be configured to track and alert on a variety of events or measures. By allowing care coordinator users to custom design each alert or tracking metric, care coordinators are able to effectively mobilize and deploy resources as needed.

Providers can designate triggering events, measure changes over time or review recurrent items on a key symptom track report. By setting up alerts and reviewing information in real time, the healthcare provider can then take action by requesting the patient come in for evaluation, initiating a home visit, scheduling a targeted follow up call or medication adjustment. Routine use of Assessment Tools maximizes the home visit protocols crucial to providing care to this fragile and often remote population.

Management made easy

A powerful, easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard system for managing patients. Physicians can quickly assign prescribed medications to patients from the Portal. The medication schedule is then uploaded automatically and wirelessly into the patient’s remindtracTM app on their phone – no manual syncing needed!

Whatever your patient population or care setting, we’ve made it easy to manage.

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Primary Care
  • Health Plan
  • Community Agencies

Secure and customizable

It’s cloud-based, so there is no hardware to manage, and no software to install.  remindtracTM simply becomes a part of your integrated health care process and EMR without a hassle.

  • Cloud integrated
  • HIPAA compliant servers & hosting
  • EMR integration
  • HL7 compatible

remindtrac CaseRx

Make medication scheduling simple.

Sleek, unique and fully integrated

The remindtracTM medication dispenser is an optional hardware component of the remindtracTM platform. It is a medication dispenser with a drawer capable of storing most daily medication regimens – the ultimate disease management and medication adherence tool.

The first of its kind, our pill dispenser pairs with the patient’s smartphone via Bluetooth, communicating wirelessly with the remindtracTM smartphone app. Data from the CaseRx is then automatically transferred up to the portal for review by caregivers.

Smart Hardware Design

The CaseRx has four compartments that can be refilled daily by the patient or caregiver, depending on the patient’s schedule. The “drawer” design is activated by the smartphone app, which signals the patient to click the case trigger button and take medications out of the case. Through this process, the software automatically records the time data, reports it back to the application, and makes it available through the provider’s portal.

This information is controlled and in continuous sync with the software application mobile device and portal. This provides objective evidence of a medication event – confirmation that the patient has or has not accessed their medication.

A powerful suite of tools

By integrating remindtracTM proprietary hardware design with the revolutionary software application, remindtracTM is a powerful combination tool to help patients and caregivers track, record and accomplish significant care management goals and treatment adherence.