By using the remindtracTM suite of tools, payors and health care providers can help patients better utilize their wellness or chronic care plans. Our tools assist patients by empowering them to improve their lives and well-being.

Through comprehensive assessment tools, providers are better able to open the dialog with patients on “what matters to them” and the quality of their lives versus a “find it–fix it” approach. The tools empower the treating providers to better monitor the progression and effectiveness of a patient’s care plan.

Technical features

  • HIPAA-compliant secure software platform
  • Secure Application Programming Interface (API) that can integrate with different electronic health records
  • Digitization of paper based screeners and questionnaires
  • Device agnostic – our tools work on multiple smartphone, mobile tablet and desktop platforms
  • Secure login from local as well as remote locations under any channel including Wi-Fi, cellular, Ethernet and other channels
  • Cloud Integration

Benefits to payors and providers

  • Aligns resources to patient centered care
  • Engages enrollees to uncover the root cause of health concerns
  • Real-time information and results that can be immediately used by the provoders, patient, and healthcare organization in the management of its patient population
  • Flexible deployment

remindtracTM provides more effective and efficient processes with which to gather critical data, ultimately lowering health care costs and increasing the operating efficiencies of health care administrators.

The tools are flexible enough to meet needs, comply with security requirements, and can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems all at a low cost.