The Assessment segment of the remindtracTM platform is designed to rapidly deliver accurate, validated behavioral assessments and screeners to the patient. This portion of the technology is designed to ultimately assist healthcare providers in achieving better clinical insight into their patient’s behavioral and mental condition.

Useable Everywhere

The assessment and screening tools can be used both in clinical settings and at the patient level via mobile devices (smart phones or tablets).

The clinical application gives clinicians the ability to allow patients to take self-administered screenings and assessments in the clinic setting prior to seeing their health care provider. Or alternatively, the clinical personnel can administer the screenings and assessments utilizing the mobile device. The clinician can assign a patient one assessment or screener, or a battery of assessments and screeners.

Upon completion, the clinician will have immediate access to results; thereby giving them valuable information they can use to design more specific treatment plans. The remindtracTM tool also tracks patient progress over time. Assessments can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment plan and monitor behavioral health over a period of time.


Assessment Benefits

  • Improvement in patient care
  • Real time measurement of patients’ progress
  • Compliance maintenance
  • Reduction in liability
  • Ability to create your own custom questionnaires and forms
  • Test using tablets or computers (in English and Spanish)
  • View and print results immediately

Sample of Current Assessments and Screeners

  • Pain, Activity & Sleep Brief Questionnaire – EvaluTrac developed patient self-screener
  • CES-D (Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale)
  • CESD-R (Revised)
  • Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale
  • Patient Health Questionnaire – 9 (PHQ-9)
  • Opioid Risk Tool
  • Vanderbilt Assessment Scale – Parent Informant #6175
  • Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale – V1.1 (ASRS-V1.1) Symptoms Checklist
  • Pain Inventory Questionnaire – EvaluTrac developed patient self-screener
  • The Life Satisfaction Index
  • Berlin Questionnaire
  • Pre-Surgical Interview – remindtrac-developed patient self-screener
  • Medication Adherence

Remote Patient Interaction

The platform gives a clinician the ability to push assessments out to a patient mobile device between visits. Reasons for doing this include monitoring behavioral health status during the course of a new medication plan or obtaining a behavioral health status update before an appointment with a patient who is not following their medication treatment plan.

Questionnaires, assessments and screeners are all available for a clinician to ask and monitor any aspect of a patient’s treatment plan. If the questionnaire, screener, or assessment is not currently in the battery of available tools, it can be quickly added.

In all cases, scoring and results are immediately accessible, thus providing the clinician with real time data with which to make treatment plan decisions.