Assess. Monitor. Engage.

Our goal is to improve patient health through medication adherence and real time behavioral engagement.

Explore remindtrac's features and benefits

remindtrac™ advanced mobile health technology helps patients, their caregivers, providers, and payors. We provide tools to aid in improving medication adherence, increase quality of care, and lower costs.

Benefits include:

  • Healthcare providers and managers can connect to their patients in real time, tracking key aspects of care management and medication adherence.
  • Patients become engaged as active participants. Patients track and record their own medication adherence.
  • Care Managers can further engage their patients with mobile screening tools between clinic visits.
  • Using data points and interactive tools within the system, a care manager can evaluate and review adherence scores per medication, and generate reports.
  • The remindtrac App and Providers’ Portal, allow care managers to identify patients who are having difficulty managing their medication, or who are experiencing changes in clinical status.
  • Provide a means for benchmarking. Physical or behavioral conditions can be correlated to medication adherence patterns, and the patient’s condition can then be tracked through the episode of care provided by the care manager.
  • Enhance opioid and other high risk medication management.